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Reunion Information

Dear fellow SHS grad,

Your Long and Winding Road 50th + 1 Reunion Committee met again by Zoom last Wednesday. Specific plans are coming together for an awesome three day Reunion Event, September 30 to October 2. We plan to open Registration on June 27th barring any Covid setbacks.
Folks, our 50th Class Reunion is a milestone in our lives and it has been a “Long and Winding Road. During these past 50 years we all have done many wonderful things, gone many places and experienced the ups and downs of life. We all can find excuses as to why we are not interested in attending this reunion, everything from I won’t remember anyone to I’m skinny or maybe even have 3 eyes. Well, all that does not matter because we are all grown  up now and I will be great to reconnect with old friends and reminisce. SO, please consider attending “OUR” 50th reunion, mush planning has been done in an effort that you will have FUN.


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